Notes from the Treasurer’s Shop:


I had sent an invitation for a combat-plane-fuselage-building session that was held on November 13, 2005.  Only one member showed-up, but we managed to put together five fuselages in no time at all.  Perhaps a dozen could have been done had two or three more came.  The intention was to have an assembly line where building standardized fuselages would be accelerated.  See the picture for the results.  Get ready for some action next year.


I might hold another session in the New Year should members be interested and schedules permitting.   If we get a few more guys, someone could even glue the two sections correctly for the rest of us who are “alignment challenged”.



Club Stuff:

Richard Staron agreed to audit the books of the club and he will be tabling his report at the next club meeting. As always, I will be more than happy to discuss financial situation of the club with anyone interested at the next meeting or email me at guyoreilley@sympatico.ca.  See you at the next meeting!


Guy O’Reilly


Picture #1

Mask for Balsa Dust.  Who can identify this masked man?


Picture # 2

The result of a few hours worth of work.



Picture # 3

Three ready for covering!  Get ready for action.


Picture # 4

Are these parts supposed to lineup?!?!  Oops, the glue is dry…  New foam wings needed.