November 1, 2005


Presidentís Message


††††††††††† Well guys, another month has come and gone, and the weather is finally turning a little colder.The leaves are quickly changing colour and are falling to the ground.Old man winter is just around the corner.I know itís depressing to talk about the arrival of the colder weather, but the weather is always one of the easiest things to talk about.This season has been good to us as far as the weather is concerned.The only thing we could complain about this year is that it was too hot for too long.Now, every morning I look outside to see if the winds are calm, the sun is shining and the thermometer is at least nearing the double digits (Fahrenheit that is) so that I can still go flying.Thatís what us retired guys do.The only problem lately is that the weekdays have been terrible.Oh well, thereís always tomorrow, although the perfect tomorrows are becoming fewer and fewer.


††††††††††† If you get this message in time, you will still be able to catch the Hobby Show at the International Centre this weekend, November 4,5 & 6.And this year, for the first time in many, many years, our November club meeting does not happen to fall on the same Friday as the Hobby Show.All you guys that attend the show on Friday evening can now attend the November meeting the following Friday, November 11th.I know that date is Remembrance Day, but the school is open, and our meeting is scheduled for that date.


††††††††††† In case you have forgotten, our agenda for this meeting will be to elect a new executive for the next season.As most of you already know, all of the positions become available for any club member to fill.Now is your chance to step up to the plate and help run the club.The following are the executive positions: President, Secretary, Treasurer, Membership Officer, Field Officer and Wings Officer.Non-executive positions are: Program Director, Flypaper Editor, Fun Fly Director and Refreshments Manager.


††††††††††† Curt Jones said that he wants a break from doing the Wings job and Gord Schindler has stated that he is going to be too busy to do the Membership duties, so we are definitely looking for replacement personnel for those two jobs.The rest of the executive have stated that they will continue to perform their same duties if necessary, but as always, someone else can step up and volunteer or nominate someone if they wish.We also need someone to do the Flypaper as well as someone to help with the Fun Flys and the program/entertainment at the meetings.




††††††††††† During this past season there have been several complaints concerning guests at our field.It is the opinion of this executive that the term ďguestĒ be properly defined to eliminate any confusion.


††††††††††† A guest would normally be a fellow modeller that a paid‑up member of our club brings to the field to fly his or her aircraft on one or two occasions during a flying season.(Depending on circumstances, this might be extended to three or possibly four times during the whole season, but this should be the exception, not the rule.)A guest could also be a modeller visiting from another city, province or country, who wants to fly his aircraft while in Toronto.In this case, he would be anyone's guest if he just happens to show up at our field.He might be a member of a nearby club wanting to socialize for the day, or perhaps he wants to try out a new aircraft at our field because his field is inadequate.The term, guest would also apply to a member or members of another club invited to our field to participate in an event or fun fly.


††††††††††† Each guest must provide proof of MAAC or AMA.


††††††††††† The host, (any current paid‑up member of our club) must be present during the time that his guest is at the field. The host is responsible for all actions of his guest.It would not be in good taste for a member to bring a guest to the field on a busy day or at certain busy times on the weekend, unless his guest flies instead of him. Also, the guest should not be flying at the same time as the host if there are other club members waiting to fly.


††††††††††† I hope this clarifies things for the future.



Frequency Board


††††††††††† At the last meeting we discussed making some changes to the way the frequency board was laid out.We were thinking of using the same system as the Seaton Valley club.This method is to keep your membership card and MAAC card in a small plastic card holder and hang it on a cup hook underneath your frequency.This way everyone knows that you are a paid-up member of the club and MAAC.The board would have to be modified by using it in a horizontal manner instead of vertically.We have run into some difficulties with finding a plastic card holder suitable for our needs.Because of this, we are going to leave the frequency board as is for the time being.I know that some of you will be happy knowing that you donít have to change the way you have been doing things.We are not going to bother issuing decals this year.It seems that very few of you are using them as they are supposed to be.It seems that with gas and electric models becoming more popular, the need for flight boxes is becoming less.Without flight boxes, there is nowhere to stick them.If someone has a better idea, let me know.



††††††††††† Thatís all for this month.Keep your nose up, your wheels down, and your wings level.†† Boy, is that ever boring?See ya next time.


Paul Battenberg