February 25, 2006

President’s Message

            Here I sit in front of my monitor thinking again what to say this month. The words never seem to flow easily. We just had another sprinkling of the white stuff, the temperature is dropping and the wind is picking up again. I think I will just stay inside and continue to build. With spring right around the corner, some of you are putting the final touches on the aircraft that you have worked on during the winter. In my case, it will take another year to complete my Hurricane. Let me remind you that our Beauty Show is not too far away now. So let’s have all those beautifully done aircraft ready for our May 5th, annual Beauty Show.

            Next Friday is our March meeting, and again this month I am out of ideas for some sort of entertainment. Last month John Dutkoski put on a good demonstration of the advances made in electric fan propulsion systems. We had a swap meet, but unfortunately it was a bit of a flop. It seems that no one is interested in bringing in much stuff, and not too many of us want to take any more stuff home. So for this meeting it will it is up to you guys to bring in some more of your latest projects to show the rest of us. Meeting attendance has been slipping during the last couple of years, possibly because of a lack of entertainment or possibly because of busy lifestyles that I keep hearing about. Being retired, I can’t comment on that aspect.

            The new executive still has not met to decide on any issues. Things have been very quiet this winter and it does not make sense having a meeting about nothing. We are scheduled to meet shortly, so I will post Beauty Show categories and Fun Fly dates just as soon as we finalize them.

            I would like to thank Roxane Parton for producing a fine looking Flypaper last month. She has agreed to do one every other month, so you will not see anything from her this month. If any of you have any articles you would like published, contact her for inclusion.

            That’s all for this month. I’ll see some of you at the meeting.

Your Pres,   Paul Battenberg