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  • New   May 12, 2021

    Dear fellow RCFCT members:

    The flying field at Reesor Rd in Markham has been secured for the 2021 flying season.

    The executive of the club appreciates your patience, and if you have not done so already, please renew your 2021 RCFCT and MAAC membership as soon as possible.

    The field will remain CLOSED to members flying until the Government of Ontario lifts the current Covid-19 Emergency Stay at Home Order which prohibits leaving your home unless it is for an essential activity as defined in the Order.

    Notification of specific rules for members flying at the field for 2021 will be sent out in a separate message when the field is opened. Please stay tuned.

    Looking forward to a great flying season for 2021!

    Thank you.

    Brian Gillion, President

  • March 21, 2021

    To all members,

         I am regretfully announcing that due to circumstances beyond our control, we have permanently lost the use of our club field, effective immediately. As such, we are advising all members not to enter or visit this location for any reason whatsoever. Doing so will be considered trespassing by the landowner and at your own risk.

         We have new potential locations already in sight and are currently in discussions with these landowners so work can begin quickly. Understandably, we do not have a timeline as to when we can start the 2021 season right now, but we intend to discuss plans and actions further with you over an upcoming online club general meeting that will be scheduled shortly. Please watch for another email that will have meeting details. You may direct your questions during that meeting, so please attend.

         We ask for the members patience and understanding on our situation as the execs are doing all we can to obtain a new field quickly. As proud members and supporters of our great organization, your support financially is still needed and very much appreciated during this time. In every problem there is always a solution, this one is no different. We will get another field, we ask only for your support.

    Sincerely, Brian Gillion
    President, RCFCT

  • The 2021 Membership Renewal Form is now available on the Membership/Forms page. Just download the form and follow the directions to renew your membership. Dues must be paid by EMT or Cheque only, no cash.
  • Message from the Executive

    Season's greetings members of the RCFCT,

    Regretfully, due to the lockdown in our region of York, our annual Frozen Finger fun fly held on New Year’s Day along with the winter indoor flying program, must be cancelled.
    With current outdoor gathering limits of 10 persons, and 0 for indoors, we felt it was the right approach to not encourage any club sanctioned events at this time. We hope you understand this decision.
    However, your execs of the RCFCT want to wish you and your families a very safe, happy holiday season and all the best going into 2021. Please stay safe and we look forward to seeing you all again soon.

    Your RCFCT executive team

     Message from the Secretary

        As of Sunday November 30th, all club facilities will be closed for the season until further notice. Please do not attempt to access the property. Any members needing access to their containers, please contact the RCFCT Executive, and we will put you in contact with the landlord directly and you can make arrangements.

    Thank you for your cooperation, and we will see you next year!  -Stu Cork
  • Message from the Outgoing Vice President

    My Dear Fellow Members:

    Let me first apologize for not attending our first Club Meeting of the season.  This is partially to appease my wife who would like me to limit my exposure to large gatherings.  But also my own desire to do so, as I’m at my restaurant working 7 days a week right now and must be responsible enough to not over extend myself with such gatherings.

    Despite all of the challenges we faced with the Pandemic this year, it turned out to be a great season for flying, once we got underway.  I was thrilled to see the turnout every week and even happier that it did not result in any Covid cases among our membership.

    As you know, Stuart and I happily agreed to return last year to take on the Secretary and VP roles out of necessity.  If we gauge the Team’s results based on the field development, membership growth and general members’ flying experiences, I would say the Club has done quite well in its new home.

    From this point forth, it’s about working on some finishing touches at the field, continuing to grow membership and working to help make our pilots even better pilots, both through the Wings Program and by finally creating some type of intermediate training program for either IMAC and/or 3D aerobatics.  With the talent and leadership we have currently in this club, the possibilities seem unlimited.

    I would like to extend my thanks and congratulations to the NEW Executive Team...

    President                   Brian Gillion

    Vice President           Mark Dubblestein

    Secretary                  Stuart Cork

    Treasurer                  Paolo De Berardinis

    Field Officer               Roger Villacorte

    Membership Officer   Jeff Johnston

    Wings Officer            Aaron Yorke

    One significant goal for the Executive moving forward will certainly be to build up our cash on hand.  This is critical for the Club’s long term security and a sign that the Executive is acting responsibly to grow our financial cushion.

    I am certain that the New Executive Team has plenty of talent, leadership and dedication to keep the club moving in the right direction.  Having said that, the Club is still a huge priority in my life and I am always available to assist in any way I can if called up...title or no title.  While I will look for more time to build and fly, my greater concern will always be the well-being of the club.

    I want to congratulate and thank our 2020 Executive Team for all of their hard work and dedication.  Stuart, Christian, Ali, Brian and Aaron have been a pleasure to work with and true professionals.  They are a credit to this club and we’re very fortunate to have them on our Team.

    From his first day helping me in the search to find a new field, our President has shown tremendous drive, vision and commitment to the cause.  Arthur worked to give us a field that would be the envy of every RC club in the province.  I believe he has achieved that goal.  But such a feat doesn’t happen without breaking down some doors and stepping on some toes.  It takes a special type of character and personality to put together such a vision and fight through all obstacles.  Arthur has proven to be the right person for such a job and we are all benefiting from his determination and hard work.

    I wish the new Executive Team all the best for an enjoyable, productive year in 2021.  To my fellow members, I hope it’s a short and safe winter for everyone.  I look forward to seeing you all as often as we can gather at our meetings and hopefully at the field on milder days.

    Cheers, Demetri Giokas

  • Message from the Pres, Sept 28, 2020.

       I would like to thank all of you for joining and supporting our club this year.. we had lots of fun together and some really good flying.
       I would like to give special thanks to our team of executives, who worked very hard for this past 2 years getting this club back to its former glory. We have a very strong reputation of being one the most multicultural flying clubs with a huge diversity in our background and our aircraft.
      I would like to thank the members for giving the opportunity, and believing in me 2 years ago, I hope I did good by you and I am very proud of all of you. We have a great bunch of guys and I hope the club will flourish in the future.
       As they say that all things come to an end, and I will not be running for president nor will I be involved in the executive. It is time for me to concentrate on my Family and my Business.

    Stay Safe and God Bless

    Arthur Krikorian


  •  This is the official announcement to the opening of our flying field. As of Saturday morning at 9:00 AM, our flying field will be open, including the Car Track, to begin our season. I would like all members to practice Safe Physical distancing and respect the boundaries of your fellow member. You must bring your own hand sanitizer and paper towels. I strongly recommend that you wear a mask. Do not leave any form of refuse behind. You must leave with everything that you bring to the field. Keep a minimum of 2 meters from each other in the pit area at all times, and keep the same safe distance from each other at the flight line.


  • Just letting everyone know that the new field is now open for flying. All flyers must have MAAC and their 2019 RCFCT Membership Cards with them.  Those who have not yet joined must contact Ali and pay their membership dues. Click here for field location. Actual street address is 9769 Reesor Road, 1.4 km north of 16th Avenue on the east side.
  • We now have our own group on Facebook.  Click on the logo below to be directed there.

  • I have added a private section to the Membership> Members Information tab.  It contains the 2018, 2019 and 2020 membership lists and the club by-laws as well as some meeting minutes. Click on the "Members Area Only" box and use the code on the back of your membership card as the password, (make sure pop-ups are allowed in your browser for our site.)  This will bring up another page where you can view and/or download any of the lists.
  • In order to be kept up to date on anything of importance, your current email address has to be correct. If your email has changed recently, contact the Membership Officer.

Video of the Month

Former member Bill Shedden forwarded this to me so I thought it would be an interesting video to watch while we are all cooped up during this trying time.  Click here or on the video to see what a 102 year old man is up to.  Video is fairly large so it might take a while to download.


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