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Latest Club News  

  • New I acquired some old pictures from long-time member John Dutkoski.  I have put them on our Photo Albums page. Click here to see them or go to the Photo Gallery.  Some of the older members might recognize themselves or others in some of the pictures.
  • At our Annual General Meeting on Nov. 8th, the members elected a new executive for 2020. Most of the executive remained the same. I will update the information on the appropriate pages shortly, as well as providing the minutes.
  • The Fall Fun Fly was quite a success after all the weather delays. We had a pretty good turnout, good food, good weather, and good flying. There was a good variety of aircraft including jets, scale, warbirds, aerobatic, and foamies.  Thank you to all those who helped out.
  • Check out the About Us page for information about the upcoming club meetings for the winter.  Dates have changed.
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  • Just letting everyone know that the new field is now open for flying. All flyers must have MAAC and their 2019 RCFCT Membership Cards with them.  Those who have not yet joined must contact Ali and pay their membership dues. Click here for field location. Actual street address is 9769 Reesor Road, 1.4 km north of 16th Avenue on the east side.
  • We now have our own group on Facebook.  Click on the logo below to be directed there.

  • I have added a private section to the Membership> Members Information tab.  It contains the 2018 and 2019 membership list and the club by-laws as well as some meeting minutes. Click on the "Members Area Only" box and use the 2018 gate code as the password,  (make sure pop-ups are allowed for our site.)  This will bring up another page where you can view and/or download the list.
  • In order to be kept up to date on anything of importance, your current email address has to be correct. If your email has changed recently, contact the Membership Officer.

Video of Entrance to New Field

Here is a short video showing the route to take to the parking lot once you have entered the driveway to our new field. Please follow the directions as Christian narrates.

Click on the image which will take you to the video. Then click on the Play icon.  Unfortunately, if you don't have a Google Account, you won't be able to watch the video.  Even if you have a Google Account, you will still need to request access to Google Drive in order to watch it.  I can't do anything about that.

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