2018 Membership Forms

The club no longer accepts or processes MAAC applications.  With today's technology it is quite easy to apply for, or renew your MAAC membership on line.  After creating an account with MAAC, you can use a credit card as payment.  It is quick and easy.  It saves the club some expenses and a lot of unnecessary paperwork.  Create your MAAC account by clicking here.  If you do not wish to renew on-line, please mail your completed MAAC form directly to them.  A MAAC form is available below.

A Club Membership Application/Renewal Form, a Declaration Form (for new members) and a MAAC Membership Form can be downloaded to your computer from the list below.  Mail the completed forms to the address shown on the form. A membership card will be sent to you in the mail once proof of MAAC is verified.

All of the above forms are in PDF format.  In order to view and print them you must have Adobe Reader or another reader such as Foxit Reader installed on your computer.

Most people already have Adobe Reader on their computer.  If you don't, click on the Adobe icon (left) below to download the file.  There is another reader called Foxit Reader which works even better, in my opinion. Click on their icon (right) to install that one.

Adobe Reader      Foxit Reader


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